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Photography was a hobby for over thirty years before I decided to make a career and trained in order to develop into a profession. I have always been fascinated by images and how the best effect can be photographed using a variety of mediums such as light, distance and angle. I work closely with my clients in order to explore all the photographic aspects of the brief before the shoot is scheduled, and in order to maximise the potential and purpose.

On a personal level, I experiment with black and white and shadow for dramatic affect and how light can add further and interesting dimensions. As a result, I have developed a wide range of interesting images which are sold as photographic art.

My life has benefited from various different careers and interests from Judo achieving black belt level, to many years in corporate banking. The parallels are understanding timing and the importance of minutiae; the difference between ordinary and memorable. My skills have facilitated a steadfast patience and developed sense of detail for overall effect.

Projects have included work for many estate agents to a prestigious commission at the Kempinski in Istanbul. Whether locally or internationally, the evidence is the quality of the image, its photographic statement and ultimately, the clients’ long-term benefit.

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